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FB/BH Wine Guide

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FB/BH Wine Guide Empty FB/BH Wine Guide

Post  McWeed Tue Feb 01, 2011 12:12 pm

From FB/BH59+ instances you need wine so you don’t have to kill any mobs in there. Without the wine it would take several hours (depends on your squad xD) to go through the whole FB/BH.
You can make these wines at Mister Tso (527 656) in Archosaur - West (in front of the entrance to West Blacksmith) and you need different materials to produce it.

You give the wine to the Old Swordsman Inside the FBs and he will kill nearly all mobs in the dungeon without bosses.

Each FB run requires 2 wines, except FB19 and Fb29

mat quantities are for 1 single wine. You need to double the amount for making 2 wines.

FB19 - Osmanthus Wine

10 Logs
10 Pig Iron
10 Coal Dust
10 Sandstone

FB29 - Bamboo Wine
2 Rough Lumber
2 High Carbon Steel
2 Coal
2 Gravel

FB39 - Daughters Wine
8 Rough Lumber
8 High Carbon Steel
8 Coal
8 Gravel

FB51 - Fragrances Wine
8 Fine Lumber
8 Refined Steel
8 Anthracite
8 Rubstone Powder

FB59 - Chiennan Spring Wine
10 Fine Lumber
10 Refined Steel
10 Anthracite
10 Rubstone Powder

FB69 - Ancientwell Wine
10 High grade Lumber
10 Steel Alloy
10 Charcoal
10 Condurum Powder

FB79 - Afterglow Wine
15 High Grade Lumber
15 Steel Alloy
15 Charcoal
15 Condurum Powder

FB89 - Tukang's Wine
15 Lumber Essence
15 High Alloy Steel
15 Extruded Charcoal
15 Granite

FB99 - Wine Of Everlasting Sorrow
20 - Lumber Essence
20 - High Alloy Steel
20 - Extruded Charcoal
20 - Granite

The FB/BH89/99 wine mats are only farmable in demon- or sageworld (the dungeons with the entrances in thousand streams). You can't enter there before you've reached lvl 89 and completed your demon/sage cultivation.

You can farm those mats ( or you can buy them directly from catshops in archeosaur (most of those catshops are located around the "winemaker" Mister Tso (527 656))

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