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Post  McWeed Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:40 am

Hidden Quest "Sorrow Shore"

Sorrow Shore
- Speak with Emerald Moon (648, 111)
- Find the Memory Bottle (Pop-up location at 628, 123)
You may need to wait a while to get this, the bottle is between the NPC and White Sand Beach, if you cannot find it, then close up on the Lochmur Indy or near the beach.
- Continue onto the Quest "Lost Beauty"

Lost Beauty
- Report to Emerald Moon (648, 111)
- Rewards: Coins (26100), EXP (62249), Spirit (15562)
- Continue on to the Quest "Emerald Moon's Ill"

Emerald Moon's Ill
- Speak with Emerald Moon (648, 111)
- Consult the Elder (657, 143)
- Rewards: Coins (10440), EXP (24899), Spirit (6225)
- Continue onto the Quest "Goddess's Tear"

Goddess's Tear
- Speak with Elder (657, 143)
- Speak with Dizzy to borrow her Goddess's Tear (491, 890)
- Rewards: Coins (15660), EXP (37349), Spirit (9337)
- Continue onto the Quest "Curing Emerald Moon"

Curing Emerald Moon
- Speak with Dizzy (491, 890)
- Cure Emerald Moon (648, 110)
- Rewards: Coins (10440), EXP (24899), Spirit (6225)
- Continue onto the Quest "Place of Dreams"

Place of Dreams
- Speak with Emerald Moon (648, 110)
- Kill the Lochmur Guardian Beast (Coordinates Provided in the Quest Log) for the Chrono Core
FINAL BOSS Information: Lochmur Guardian Beast, Level Unknown, 1320000 HP, Water Type mob, IN THE WATER, Long range Whirlpool water magic attack, Close-Range Physical Attack, High Defense and Attack

A note: This joker have a phobia against venos, get a good enough water pet and any veno that got this far can easily slug him to death. Razz
- Give the Chrono Core to Dizzy (491, 890)
- Rewards: Coins (39150), EXP (93373), Spirit (23343), Mirage Celestones (15), Tidal Protection (HP Charm, 1.2 million charge, untradable, value equals to a Platinum HP Charm).
THE END OF THE LEGENDARY GOSHIKI QUEST CHAIN, CONGRATULATIONS (You know... If you didn't bump into any bugs.)

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